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Chennai Photos

Chennai – Traffic + Construction


Two things apparent in chennai are the traffic congestions & the construction activity. Traffic has increased manifold – the city is reacting to it by constructing over passes to aid the flow of traffic in key junctions. There are a whole bunch of high rises coming up – both commercial as well as residential.

Koyambedu flower bazaar + the flower supply chain


The flower business in South India is especially unique. Flowers are used for a couple major purposes –

  1. To adorn the hair of women in the form of different flower decorations &
  2. As offerings to God – the deities in the temples as well as homes are decorated with a variety of flowers –

The supply chain is unique – the Koyambedu flower bazaar is at the heart of this unique supply chain and is a sight worth seeing in Chennai

Glimpses of Chennai’s Retail


It’s commonly said that 98% of India’s retail is unorganized – this set of photos attempts to show what that statement means – things used on a daily basis, from FMCG to high end CE is retailed by a variety of small to medium unorganized retail stores. Often, the businesses portrayed are the only vocation of the families behind it – the lack of formal education denying the ability to obtain a job and/ or the need to eke a living is the driver behind the business. Despite the unorganized nature & the mind boggling inefficiencies underneath it, the small retailer still seems to fare well with his/ her venture and is able to sustain a living – granted the lifestyles of such entrepreneurs may be considered below par with respect to western standards.

Other adhoc photos from around Chennai


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