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Being a vegetarian in Shanghai

I am going to write a series of blog posts on being a vegetarian in Shanghai – I have had the good fortune to be in Shanghai for over 45 days this year and I have found Chinese, Indian, Nepalese & western vegetarian foods in Shanghai. I will review them each here, post photos & recommend how to order. But, for starters, here are some of the restaurants where I ate in Shanghai:
1. Xintiandi has a chinese restaurant called Xin Ji Shi
2. Most shanghaiites would recommend “Gong-De-Lin” – this is a buddhist place & by definition everything they serve is vegetarian. They have “mock meats” that are made of tofu with the texture of meat – not sure which vegetarian would want to eat that
3. Nizang – A nepalese restaurant in Pudong
4. Punjabi Restuarant – Indian restaurant in “Thumb Plaza” in Pudong, by the Carrefour store
5. Element Fresh – in a few places, but by the Super Brand Mall and Jinqiao commerical centre
6. New York City Pizza – has a cheese pizza that is ok
7. The flying fox – an irish pub that serves a decent lunch
8. Din-Tai-Fung – a dimsum place in super brand mall, with a vegetarian dimsum as well as a “taiwanese noodles” with a spicy peanut sauce that is absolutely delicious
9. Hongkongese restaurant on top of Ba-Bai-Ban (Next Age) department store in Pudong
10. Vedas – an upscale Indian restaurant in Puxi
11. The Pudong Intercontinental – has a few items on the menu; wouldn’t recommend going there unless you actuall stay there
12. Face – an exceptional thai restaurant with some veggie items on its menu
13. the vegetarian restaurant in the “Jade Buddha temple” – I am not sure if it was our hunger, but, man, the soup style veggie dumplings is something Charan & I are still talking about!!! – be comfortable with chop sticks though!
14. The Blue Frog – an American burger joint that has a veggie burger that is palatable

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