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Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple – Vegetarian Restaurant

The Jade Buddha temple is quite popular and is on the Puxi side and most hotels should be able to help you get there. Once you get there, if you walk around inside, it is easy to find the vegetarian restaurant.

We tried several things there (things were much cheaper here at the temple). The place appears a bit dingy and being comfortable with using chop sticks is a definite plus. In trying things, we loved the veggie dumplings soup style – most people at the temple don’t speak English and chances are you have to look for this picture in a menu with pictures & point. Rest assured that it is well worth the finding & pointing – one advantage you have in the Buddha temple is that everything there is vegetarian & so, even if you point at something that looks a bit silly, chances are you may not like the taste, but your vegetarian vows are still intact!

Again, if I haven’t said it enough, the “veggie dumplings soup style” is served piping hot – so, watch out for the tongue burn, but tastes best and I haven’t found a comparable veggie dumpling elsewhere in Shanghai so far. Enjoy & let us know what you think.

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