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Passport renewal, additional pages + Chennai Regional Passport Office + Tatkal

Decided to blog this, as I searched the web in vain on instructions or experiences of people who tried to get an additional booklet (or renew their passport) at the chennai regional passport office (RPO). I needed to have my passport back a little quickly in order to have my visa stamped, all done within 10 days (an ambitious project, right at the inception). I find that the process is relatively simplified, for a government organization .. but, if you tout an accent and are used to dealing with simpler procedures in other geographies such as the USA, you might be a bit surprised.

As any Indian Central Government office, the RPO makes changes to rules & the employees make up rules that vary/ change by day and also depends on whether you know someone there and/ or have used the help of a travel agent/ tout!! So advice #1: See if you can find a responsible/ believable (hopefully not too exhorbitant) travel agent who can help. If you do have the luxury of time, you can do this on your own & to the credit of the folks at the RPO, you can get this right in the day.

I chose to apply using Tatkal – which they promise will ensure that your applications gets processed within 3 days. I did get my PP back in 3 days.

For a minor dose of information that deceivingly looks complete, refer to: http://passport.nic.in/ – it does have about 80% of what is reqd at the office. Ok, here are the next steps for applying for renewal or additional pages via the Tatkal procedure. The process for a new passport is very different, quite a bit longer and requires additional documents – I am unfortunately unable to help with that:

  1. Some parts of the tatkal proceedure are mentioned at: http://passport.gov.in/cpv/TatkalScheme.htm– some of the following are not as apparent
  2. For tatkal, you need to register online at: https://passport.gov.in/pms/Information.jspThis will give you an appointment date – this is important. You can only show up on this date. However, disregard the time that is provided to you as the time of your appointment (more below)
  3. If you are trying to get additional pages, these aren’t being issued anymore – instead, they issue a new passport & the procedure is as follows. However, you do have to prove that you have run out of pages & are hence attempting to renew your passport
  4. After you fill out the form in Step 2 above, a pre-filled application form is presented as the output. Print this application form out.
  5. You need to now assemble your supporting documents:
    1. you are required to produce any 3 out of the 13 suggested documents to provide proof of identification, photo & address. One of this needs to be a photo ID & one of them needs to be among the primary documents (a through h) mentioned in the list (as of Jan 2010) below:
    2. The list:

    3. (a) Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC);

      (b) Service Identity Card issued by State/Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings, local bodies or Public Limited Companies;

      (c) SC/ST/ OBC Certificates;

      (d) Freedom Fighter Identity Cards;

      (e) Arms Licenses;

      (f) Property Documents such as Pattas, Registered Deeds etc.;

      (g) Rations Cards;

      (h) Pension Documents such as ex-servicemen’s Pension Book/Pension Payment order, ex-servicemen’s Widow/Dependent Certificates, Old Age Pension Order, Widow Pension Order;

      (i) Railway Identity Cards;

      (j) Income Tax Identity (PAN) Cards;

      (k) Bank/ Kisan/Post Office Passbooks;

      (l) Student Identity Cards issued by Recognized Educational Institutions;

      (m) Driving Licenses; and

      (n) Birth Certificates issued under the RBD Act.

    4. Produce an affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper (called Annexure i) – the format to be cut & paste can be found at:http://passport.gov.in/cpv/ANNEXUREI_std.htm – take it to a notary (easy to find) for notarization – need to sign this affidavit in front of the notary. Very important step that I missed: get a notarial certificate from the notary (that states that you swore & signed the affidavit before him) – otherwise, you will be swearing later. You won’t get this certificate unless you ask for it from the notary. You do need to take a photocopy of the affidavit & provide it to the notary for their records.
    5. If you wanted additional pages, a photo copy of all pages of your passport – self attest each of them as well. I am not sure if you need this if you are just trying to renew your passport – take them with you any way.
    6. Now, obtain 3 passport photos – stick them on the application – has to be stuck & not stapled or otherwise tethered, don’t sign across the photo (even if everybody else asks you to)
    7. Look through the application & complete it – some parts need to be hand filled.
    8. Sign the application
  6. Take two photo copies of all supporting documents – each of these need to be self-attested
  7. Ensure that you take the originals of the supporting documents with you as well
  8. The RPO likes the application to be a packet – one set of the photocopies of the supporting documents need to be inserted between pages 3 & 4 of the application and the other set between the two “personal particulars” forms (that is printed out as part of the application form above). Keep the original affidavit with the first set – although I am not sure of where the affidavit should go really. You may get as lucky as I did. Staple them together in the form of a book – unfortunately, I have seen people getting sent back from the counter as the packet was not in the right order!!!
  9. DD – the RPO does require payment to be made in Tatkal – this seems to change .. a suggestion is to go to the RPO the day before & ask the folks that stand in line how they plan to make the payment – ask a couple of folks at least .. the touts generally seen around the RPO were conspicuously absent when I went there as a result of recent clean-ups that were done. these folks are good source of info and are usually helpful if you plead with them
  10. Now, you are ready for the day. On the day, after the regular ablutions, make up, etc, plan to arrive a bit early at the RPO. I’d suggest about 8-8:30 AM is a reasonable choice. I was adviced to disregard the time provided when I registered online. No one seemed to notice the time at the RPO either.
  11. Procedure at the RPO:
    1. If you flinch in the sun, I’d recommend the umpire’s hat, fans, sun glasses, assistant to hold the umbrella etc – you will be slightly discomforted in Chennai’s blazing glory
    2. The watchmen are usually helpful and point you in the right direction if you ask them where the Tatkal line is. If you arrive around 8 AM, there should be 50-75 folks ahead of you, sufficient in number to tell you if you have missed anything
    3. The token issual starts around 9:30 AM. They are issued up to a certain time & to all that arrives early in the morning. My understanding was that tokens are issued until about noon, each day.
    4. Around 9:30 AM, the queue/ line usually proceeds to the first floor, where the packet is examined for the right thickness, presence of photos & staples announcing that the packet is complete. You are therefore issued a token to then stand in the next line.
    5. The token usually has an alphabet & a number – there were 5 counters operational at the time of this writing.
    6. The counters are in the second floor – and you follow the line up to the second floor, enter the room with the counter (isn’t as easy as it sounds) – while the token system is supposed to regulate the flow of folks in to this room, it doesn’t .. so, it does feel like a pallavan bus ride to a Hindu Temple on a New Year’s day. Use your elbows & umbrellas to the best advantage – it is now that you may feel like you want to open your accented mouth & let out a tirade about how it is so much easier elsewhere – don’t.
    7. The counter room did have chairs in front of them & it appears as if people are sitting according to the numerical order – chances are they aren’t. try and slowly move up close to the counter of your designation – put your checkers skill to advantage here
    8. Rush up when your number is called & present your documents at the counter – if your luck holds, you are all set & will be asked to go to the other counter to pay using your DD.
    9. In my case, as I had a previous passport & was attempting to get additional pages, I was asked to go stand in another line in one of the two small rooms within that room to get the history of all my previous interactions with the RPO – the clerk there looked my case history & printed out pages of all my previous requests, including ECNR stamping, address changes, etc and stapled this to my application
    10. When you are asked to do this, you don’t need to stand in line to be called again. Go directly to the counter, use your elbows & thrust the doc back at the slightest chance you get. pleading with those next in line helps.
    11. When I presented this renewed packet, it was found that my second passport was issued after my marriage, but, without including my spouse’s name in the passport – this caused a ruckus and I was directed to go to the other smaller room & talk to the superintendent there, who in turn asked me why I hid this. When I told him it was a mistake, he nodded & tacked on a Rs. 500 penalty and asked me to go back to the counter. Repeat step 10 above.
    12. The clerk at the counter nodded now & put the case in to a file and sent me to the cashier –
    13. Stand in the 3rd line for the day, present the DD & the documents at the cashier – they print out a receipt that has your tracking number as well, which you can track online. You have now completed your task.
  12. Other general things:
    1. At the time of this writing, there is an “Axis bank” branch right around the corner – so, if you missed/ misplaced the DD, I am told you can obtain it there
    2. It will serve you or the other folks in the line well for you to care a stick of gum and a stapler .. just in case you have to re-arrange your packet, etc
    3. Take some extra photos, just in case you do forget & sign on top of your photo
    4. Remember that the RPO strictly prohibits delivery of the PP to anyone other than the one it belongs to – so, your mother may not be able to collect it from the postman ..

I do hope someone finds this & it is useful to them. Do let me know how things change over time.

An Appeal: I see that a lot of folks are reading this post & I believe it is still current (as of Mar 2011). However, if you can provide a gist of your experience and how things have changed, that will be helpful to others as well. Please consider doing so, once you come back from the RPO.

  1. January 21, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    Krisha,Thank you for the wonderful

  2. February 22, 2010 at 2:17 am

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful piece of information in such a structured format. Pls let me know whether it is possible to collect the passport in person from the passport office in case it has been applied under Tatkal scheme.

  3. February 22, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Hi Nitin,I don't believe they offer same day service. It has to be sent via courier & it appears that they promise to dispatch it within 3 days after submission. The latter worked, in my case. Hope that helps & good luck.Krishna

  4. February 27, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    Hi Krishna,
    I am citing a first hand account at RPO, Chandigarh. Last week, I applied for passport under Tatkal scheme on Monday and later persuaded the officials to allow me to meet RPO. I was able to convince him on the urgency of the passport and got it delivered at counter the very next day.


  5. February 27, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    thats excellent – well done Nitin and thanks for the post – hope others find it useful as well.

  6. May 7, 2010 at 5:38 am

    thanks a lot for the post ! really helped a lot ! got it done in de first attempt !thanks for all those minute details !good job !

  7. May 7, 2010 at 5:53 am

    thanks for the note Aisha. One thing I found out was, although this was a renewal & the PP came to me in 3 days, you still need to go through police verification! the police will show up at your home at leisure. If you are going to leave the country soon, you may want to go to them directly and go through a shorter verification process.I am told that if they are unable to verify, they will flag & void the PP.

  8. May 18, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    Hi Krishna,I got my new passport last weekend. Almost exactly the same procedure cited by you. Nicely composed. Great work. Taking a stapler (i recommend a bigger one) is very true, i was sent back as my statement of account (which was 80 column dot matrix stationary) was too thick and was not comfortably fitting in the packet. I had to explain the thing to security staff, go back to the agents outside, request for a pin (to my fortune they agreed), go back, again tell the whole story to security staff, get into the 2nd floor queue. Also I would suggest people not to hesitate to tell the people in the queue that you were sent back and should be allowed go ahead, other wise you will never be able to get back into the line

  9. Abu
    July 29, 2010 at 5:15 am

    hi,I had applied for my passport renewal(Tatkal), but in the tatkal counter they mentioned that for my old passport the police verification was not cleared. so i need to apply in normal procedure. but there is a situation for me to travel urgently (with in a month). is there any procedure for this to get it in a month? Please advice.Regards,Abu

  10. Ramesh
    February 28, 2011 at 4:58 am

    Thanks for your inputs. I actually did everything what you mentioned and when I went to the first floor, the person told that the application is for ordinary and I have to get one which is meant for Tatkal. I came back and searching the website for the one but I do not seem to get one marked for Tatkal. Please let me know whether there is special application for tatkal.

    • krishnashrinivas
      February 28, 2011 at 5:15 am

      hi Ramesh, thanks for the comments – my experience is about a year old – so, chances are the forms etc may have changed. Did you ask the folks where to get the tatkal forms? Alternately, you may want to approach a broker as well as majority of the processes/ objections are designed to send you to these touts, who will enable some facilitation :).

      If you can post back what you find out, that would be helpful for others who come across this blog. thanks again.

    • Vivek
      April 4, 2011 at 12:13 pm

      Ramesh, I saw some people receiving this shock too on the day I went. Thing is that while doing an online registration, you need to select the office as ‘Chennai – Tatkal’ instead of Chennai. If you select Chennai, your application number will be generated as MASxxxxx, whereas in case of Chennai-Tatkal you’ll get MATxxxx. In case your app no. happens to be MASxx and you are standing in the Tatkal queue, they will shoo you away.

      This is quite weird because only Chennai RPO seems to have this complication.

  11. February 28, 2011 at 7:21 am

    Do you have suggestion of any travel agent details for the tatkal additional passport booklet around chennai city, who can handle the police verificatio too.

    • krishnashrinivas
      February 28, 2011 at 8:44 am

      Hi Yashoda, I understand the police verification isn’t a big issue – it sounds like this has been quite streamlined. Once the office visits your home to check, ensure that someone is present at home & they recognize who you are, be friendly with the officer & complete the necessary formalities 🙂 – you may need to grease the palms as a token of gratitude and their effort to find & reach your home. Upon the right tokenage (Rs. 100 – Rs. 500), I understand this gets done – if you use the tatkal process, the police verification is done after the fact, which is actually good.

  12. krishnashrinivas
    April 4, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    Name: Vivek
    Your experience with the RPO: This is as recent as March 3, 2011. Reached on the indicated date at around 8.15 which was kind of late. When the token was issued, my number was C-47 and the turn came almost at 1PM. My advice is go earlier around 7 at least.

    Good part of the experience is that I went armed with all the necessary documentation. Because mine was additional booklet request, I was asked to go stand in the PISON queue (Passport Information System On Net) where the lady took a print out of my old passport particulars, attached it to my application and then back to the submission counter again. Going OT here, but I fail to understand why the same print out could not have been taken at the submission counter itself? Maybe the staff on submission counters do not have access to this system.

    With all the back and forth and finally to the Cash/DD counter, I was done by around 4PM. Almost the entire day gone. Expected delivery date on 7-Mar. Happy that it’s finally done

    Now comes the shocker!! Waited till 18-Mar and still no passport. Checking on the website and status says ‘Post Police verification is required. File is under process’. Went to passport office on 22-Mar. It’s a 2 days strike for privatization issues and long pending demands. Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. Yeah Right !!

    Back again on 25-Mar to stand in the general enquiry queue, I’m told that photocopies of all pages of old passport is required. Well I did bring it along in the first time itself, but lady at submission counter wouldn’t take it (why do they take email/ mobile/ postal address and still not send out any discrepancy information like this is beyond me). Anyway queue up again at Passport Grievance Officer’s desk and submit the required copies. New promised date – 1 April. Now it’s April 4 and still no sign of passport. Will give it another 1-2 days and then go queue up again.

    Will keep you all posted.

  13. mughil
    April 6, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    Hello Krishna,
    Your information is very useful.
    I have a simple question for you or anyone who has passed by. I need to apply for the passport reissue thru Tatkal. So the fees would be 1000 + 1500, which would be 2500. So while filling out the application, what is the Fee Amount I should enter? is it 1000 or 2500 ???

    Thanks Mughil.

  14. Mohamed Ismail
    June 10, 2011 at 6:48 am

    Thks Its really a wonderful and very helpful fo all thsie who in need to know the proceedure to get the jib done with RPO. I really appricate it.

  15. Bala
    July 6, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    Thanks for the neat writeup of the process. I want to know if we will be asked to submit our old passport in the counter? If so, will it be sent along with the reissue passport?

    • krishnashrinivas
      July 6, 2011 at 8:23 pm

      Hi Balaji, yes you do need to take your original passport with you – they cancel the passport & either return to you immediately, or send via post.

  16. Bala
    July 7, 2011 at 11:51 am

    Thanks for your response. :). If we have been living in US, should we mention US address in Current address in Passport Application and Affidavit? My permanent residence is in Chennai and I am planning to renew my passport in Chennai during my vacation. Any thoughts?

    • krishnashrinivas
      July 7, 2011 at 5:48 pm

      Hi Bala, that is a good question. I did add my US address to my passport – I do not remember if I added it as current address. Sorry I can’t help you here. But, once you find out, can you please update here, for others with the same question. thanks.

  17. E.Jayapal
    December 13, 2011 at 9:48 am


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