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shanghai + the blue frog + veggie burger

Continuing the section on “being vegetarian in shanghai”, here is the second post – we had dinner at The Blue Frog, which I guess serves as a pub in the evenings for the “american fare”starved. The menu resembles what you’d find in a reasonable american grille – burgers & the kind. The atmosphere resembles the same. There is one Blue Frog near the Super Brand Mall and another in the vicinity of Carrefour in Biyun Road near the Jinqiao commercial center.

We found two vegetarian dishes at the Blue Frog – a veggie burger that claims there is a falafel in between two buns and a pasta. The pasta is something you’d order only if you are forced to – of course, the table has some ketchup & the Mexican Maggi. You can get some Tabasco as well, on request. The garlic bread that accompanied the pasta made it taste a lot better.

The veggie burger does not have a falafel inside, by any means. It does a vegetarian patty between two buns and comes with all the fixings a burger should. The patty has moderate flavor, or lack thereof. A genorous portion of ketchup & Tabasco adds some taste to it. The fries were reasonably good though



If you crave a vegetarian burger and wish to take a break from the chinese food, the Blue frog is a good choice.

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