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Element fresh – Shanghai

Element fresh (http://www.elementfresh.com) is an expat friendly place in multiple locations in the major centres of Shanghai (Super Brand Mall, Jinqiao, Xujiahui, Nanjing Road etc) which features a set of continental cuisine and also some “asian sets” for the weary traveler. The food quality is great with very friendly service in English and Chines. Their fresh juices and smoothies are fantastic.

They do have a few vegetarian options – my favorite are the “egg plant sandwich” featured below as well as their vietnamese shrimp noodles (without the shrimp & replaced with tofu) with extra crispy fried onions and peanuts – ask for their spicy chinese sauce on the side as well. The eggplant sandwich has melted cheese, which tastes excellent in the fresh tasting bread – only downside is that they don’t offer fries (element fresh, right?)

The pumpkin soup there is vegetarian – you can ask for that in the asian set as well; their side salads are sumptuous and not just filled with the random lettuce leaves (I ask for their blue ginger vinaigrette as the dressing). Their pasta is reasonably tasty – nothing to write home about.

All in all, Element fresh is an excellent western comfort food alternative with some veggie options.

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